I was commissioned by Aescripts to make a promotional video for the After Effects plugin Fast Bokeh Pro. It has been one of the most succesful commercial projects I’ve made since I’m freelancing. I had a lot of creativity freedom within the idea, art direction and animation style. I’m really happy with the result!


Sound design by Jeremy Sollod.

The original brief was to make a video that showed a character sad because the video hasn’t any depth of field on it and everything looked flat. Then the plugin Fast Bokeh Pro turned on and the character would turn happy because the scene suddenly looked prettier because of the depth of field. I tought on adding some narrative sense to that idea and make a meta story with it. 


So I presented the Amateur Photographer character. Following the script provided, this guy would try to capture his best shot, but he couldn’t get happy with any of them until the plugin drops into scene. 

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