costumbrismo: la playa
We've been always amazed by how people transforms when they go to the beach. We both Raúl and Laura come from a very touristic place, Alicante, where there are many of the most visited beaches in Spain. As a nostalgic exercise, we wanted to remember all those figures that we can find at the beach. The rituals and different energies we can observe of people enjoying their summer vacations. We had many ideas on this and a lot of different characters and sceneries, and we could develope three of them for this personal project. Hopefully we can develope the rest of them in following summers. Enjoy!
cap 1: iaio
Iaio means grandpa in valencian. From our childhood, old people always enjoy more than other people their time at the beach. In this chapter we wanted to remember all our child memories where we went to fishing with our grandfathers at the espigón. Waiting for some fish to chop the hook, while drinking a beer and watching how the day goes by.
cap 2: camping
This one specially goes for our moms. Always caring for carrying all the stuff needed for the whole family to spend a perfect day at the beach. It has always amazed me see how people set up their living room at the beach (a particular chiringuito), including chairs, sandwiches, cold drinks, big umbrellas, and even big tables. Respect for all of them! (Unless they don't clean up all the mess after they finish)
cap 3: tete
A tete is a 20-something tanned, high muscled body (except their legs, for some reason), with some strategic and generic tattoos. Our teenage years were surrounded by all these kind of people everywhere: high school, pubs, local TV programmes. They were showing off, we were overwhelmed by them, but now we see them as potentially comical characters to get notice.
Process images
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