Background story
As a myopic person, everytime I went to my yearly vision check, I noticed that I was missing a world of details and textures because of my myopia. It was such a divine revelation, like seeing something that you didn't notice until someone points at it to you.

Animography invited me to create an animated story around a word of my choice, and so I did with REVELATION word.
I wanted to explore a mix of graphic and realistic elements for the main character, such as, modeled clothes but realistic texturing, 2D face but real hair.
I wanted to create a relation between the two environments of the story. Doing that by creating similar elements on both, like the chairs or something to look at (chalkboard-eye chart). I also explored the concept of representating a place with the minimal elements that the viewer will still recognize it.
Transition as narrative tool
A key concept I wanted to explore was to transition between the classroom and the doctor's room in a funny and graphic way. How to move from a school desk to a ophthalmic chair​​​​​​​, playing with lighting in order to create the athmosphere you find when checking your vision, only lighted by the eye chart, or how the character will live this kind of transition. ​​​​​​​Cheers to Raúl Ibarra for character animation!

Creating a few simple yet characteristical elements of each of the environments. I've been also always amazed of how ophthalmic glasses looks like, so I wanted to create a cartoony and stylized version of it.

Client: Animography
Direction, Design, Animation: Laura Sirvent
Character Animation: Raúl Ibarra
Sound Design: QB SOUND
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