Stay Home, Stay Positive
During this tough times, under quarantine, I was approached by and Motion Appetit to participate in a wonderful initiative called Stay Home, Stay Positive. It's a call to celebrate positiveness while staying at home and safe.

The building is still growing, you can check it here!
I wanted my balcony to be relatable to where I'm from. Balconies from all around looks really different given the different circumstances such as climate, mediterranean, in my case. Rough white walls, wood balcony, lots of plants, clay tiles, and even Alicantina blinds. 
I wanted to explore a new way of creating characters, made of simple and bold shapes, making them very noticeable, while maintaining a certain degree of anatomy and quite realistic materials.
It gets more noticeable when crafting the dog, who is indeed based on my sister's dog, Lego.
Thanks for visiting!

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